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An agency that combines great content with targeted ads in order to increase your recruitment applicants and
employer brand “awareness”.

We offer targeted recruitment advertising and Employer Branding on Social media channels. We offer customers a creative way within targeted advertising, where customers gain a deeper understanding of the actual work behind the results. Through our services and expertise, we aim to take our clients’ employer brand to new heights!

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Content is king!

We have developed a layout where our production team creates neat, useful and value-creating content for diffrent platforms, which causes the target group to relate and interact with your employer brand at entirely new levels. After completing the media venture, content and advertising are published on relevant social media channels. We handle the entire delivery for you, from media development to campaign publishing and target group management.

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Take your employer brand to the next level

At start-up, we set up a strategy for your employer brand and recruitment. We try to define your goals and the conditions at an early stage. By jointly establishing clear goals in the recruitment plan, we will be able to help increase your “employer brand awareness” and thereby attract more relevant applications from candidates, both in the short and long term. We do this by developing relevant content from a recruitment perspective and then publishing the produced media in a relevant platform depending on the target group. Through our broad expertise in social media marketing, we guide you in the choice of channel.

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Attract more applicants or get the right applicants?

The time for mass-mailing and advertising for the broad mass is coming to an end. Now it is important to send a targeted and appropriate message instead. To a niche audience. We offer you a full service digital marketing solution focusing on social media. With us you get a team of specialists who have expertise in social media creating content & recruitment strategy.

We rethink and think new to find the best talent for you.

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Boost your candidate pool

There are countless stories about highly-qualified job seekers who just can’t seem to find work. As an HR manager, it may sometimes feel like these stories are wives tales, like your candidate pool is an exception or the good candidates just haven’t found you. So how do you reach all those highly-qualified job seekers you hear so much about and boost your candidate pool? By using adquest services we help you achieve just that and boost your candidate pool.

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Recruitment strategy

The hiring process is an integral part of running any business. Whether you are a small business owner, an HR manager, or the CEO of a large company. Hiring can be tough and in a time, where it’s all about the candidate, it’s more important than ever to step up your recruitment process and stand out among the competition. Through our services and if requested we help you develop a clear employer brand that sets you apart from others. We create job posts that reflects your company. We help you reach passive candidates through the social media platforms that we use and much more..

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More about us!

With a background in recruitment, HR and marketing our goal is to help our costumers to succeed with their recruitment in a cost-effective way and also help you setup a longterm strategy for your employer brand. Our everyday lives are changing faster than ever thanks to today’s technology and social trends. Similarly, candidate behavior has also changed. We know how difficult it can be to find good and relevant candidates. By using simple tools combined with creative minds we want to help our customers attract more candidates and future talents!

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